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swollen ball under my chihuahuas eye, above mouth

i just noticed , my dog suddenly had a swollen ball under his eye. what could this be from?? he is eating and drinking and acting normal except the ball under his eye stands out very much and it only occurred minutes ago..

does anyone knowwhat it could be from?? and what i can do???
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Since it came up so quickly, it's probably an insect bite of some kind.  If he has no other symptoms, you can try giving him benadryl and see if the swelling comes down.  Benadryl can be given to dogs at 1 mg per pound of body weight.  It wouldn't hurt to give your vet a call for some advice as well, particularly if your dog is already on other medications.
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thank you for your advice, i initially thought it may be a bite ..however, ive actually just been to the vet as the swelling had increased. its actually caused from his tooth, its been chipped and its caught bacteria. there fore i was told i either need to remove the tooth for it to not occur again or give him antibiotic.im still deciding on what to do.
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I'm so glad you took him to the vet!  I'd probably just have the tooth pulled so you won't have to worry about it again.  No doubt the abscess is pretty painful for your dog too.  Very ouchy, tooth abscesses.  I've had a couple myself and wonder if I should have just had the stupid things pulled instead of putting myself through root canal, crown and 10 years later the whole works just breaks off anyway.  LOL!

We had a dog who lost part of a back tooth.  It cracked off but wouldn't come the rest of the way out of the gum.  She had the same kind of "lump" on her face from the tooth sticking out sideways.  The vet just reached in with his clamp and popped it out before she even knew what happened.  Luckily the root was never exposed so that was the end of it.

Just out of curiosity, how much is your vet charging to pull the tooth?  I can't imagine it would be an expensive surgery.  
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Get that tooth pulled for heavens sake! There is so much risk of blood infection and other complications that it isn't even worth leaving in, especially if your dog has already developed a facial abscess.
Good luck!
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Our dog developed a ball like swellingness under his eye it is soft  and he seems like he has allergies
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