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swollen neck and jaw on left side of puppy

I have a 3-4 week old puppy that has swelling on her neck and left side of jaw it is hard around the swelling area.she is breathing ok,nursing well and she cries when i touch it...i wanted to know if any one has any ideas to help the swelling go down.if you May know what this could be pls be free to comment...i do not have enough money for the vet right now but im working on it .....i am hoping it's just an ant bite or something but I'm wondering why is it so big..the skin is tight....im worried and need advice thankyou.
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There is really no way to tell what it might be.  Could be a bite, could be a swollen gland or an abscess.  It really should be checked by a Vet and I hope you can come up with the funds.

I know you don't want to hear this and I certainly don't know the circumstances as to why you have a litter of puppies.  Having any animal is a time consuming and a financial responsibility.  People really need to spay and neuter their pets to avoid unwanted breeding.

Aside from that, the pups are here now and your responsibility.  I do hope you are able to get it to the Vet.  

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I know but we didn't plan for her to get pregnant(my dog ran away for a cuppel of weeks and i guess that was the time she was in heat) the puppies are inside ,today the puppys swollen neck area turned red but she still moves,eats,cries but thanks anyways
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Sounds like an infection which has caused irritation and swelling due to fluid build up.  If this were MY pup, I would take a needle and poke a quick hole in it, to see if it would drain.  if it drains, we are golden, and just keep it drained.  If it does not drain after that one good poke, you have a problem that needs to be seen by a vet.  Of course, I am not a vet, so anything I have said could be wrong. :)
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