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teary eyes

Hi I have a 4 yr old shih tzu and our problem is his teary eyes and it smell bad if we don't wash his face. Everyday my we wash his face and after an hour the smell is there again. I tried to give him tears stain remover medication, yes it works for awhile but I don't want to give him stuff that will cause health problem later on. Now I check the internet and found some article about dog foods. They said that corm or corn meal can cause allergy to dogs and I check the food label of my dog's food bag I found out that it has corn meal on it. Is it true that corn or corn meal cause allergy to dogs? And also is it the reason why my dog has teary eyes and also the smell. What kind of food you can recommend to me that will fit to my dog. I saw couple of brands in the internet particular is the Natura Brands.
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I have a malteese that has had allergys all her 11 yrs....the only brand that has helped is EVO which i get from the health food store(they do sell it now at those pet shops Petco etc.) It has no grains in it which is the problem in most dog allergies. Her eyes stopped running and she no longer scratches all the time...worth the try! good luck!!
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My Daisy, 2 1/2 yr old Chihuahua & Terrior mix, has had weepy/ teary eyes since birth & it causes the nastiest looking, dark brown stains in the fur under her eyes.She also gets little clumps, or what we call "eye-bugers" in hair under eyes,too.  I haven't really noticed any odor or smell to it, though. I get Angel Glow or Angel Eyes powder to clear up the stains. I  mix the powder up in a bit of canned food for her  - even though it's chicken & beef flavored powder. It does an amazing job at clearing up those stains by slowing down, if not stopping the teary/watery eyes thing! It might help your dog,too. It works from the inside out & I don't have to wash her face under her eyes on a daily basis. I highy recommend givng it a try! It won't hurt your dog to try it for a couple weeks.
   You can get it on ebay, amazon, & some other websites, too. Just do a basic search for Angel Eyes or Angel Glow & see where it takes you. It pays to shop around a little to  find it  a bit cheaper.
   Sure hope this helps!!  Did you know that your dog can even get an infection on the skin under his eyes from the tear stain build-up! I have to very, very carefully trim some of the stained hair under her eyes to keep a check on her skin  to make sure it doesn't start getting infected. The infection can be dangerous to their eyes, especially if not noticed & allowed to get bad before getting noticed.
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Thank you for your idea... actually I went online and read about Natura DOg Food Brand. I know EVO is one of their brand same thing with California Nature which I just started to give to my dog. I hope it will work for him.

Sarac304, thank you too.... I did try Angel Eyes but I'm a little bit scared for using it all the time.
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