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throwing up with shallow breathing

My dog is a 3 month old Chihuahua/Shitzu mix. He had threw up once a day Corry the last three days, and today when we woke up he was on Great spirits then a few hours later he started acting weird. He has been getting sick about 2 times an hour which is either white foam or Food that he had in his belly. His breathing has dramatically changed, his breathing has become shallow and at times sounds like he is breathing quick short breaths. He won't eat or drink now and I checked neck n it's like he is dehydrated n when I checked his gums they are pink. He is sleeping now but you can see he is taking quick short breaths. He has no energy to play with us or toys. He is normally a very excited animal and is usually running around us and always trying to get at our pant legs and always running around and playing with my 8 yr old son. All he is doing now is sleep and lay down watching all of us going about our day. When he does get up to walk a bit he has droopy sad eyes, his ear just lay low and he travels very slowly and not very far. If anyone can assist me with any answers or informing me of anything I can do for him. Much appreciated.
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Sounds like you better get him into the Vet.
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Mandi---You have an Emergency!!!!  Your puppy is in serious trouble!! Shallow breathing is Urgent! If you haven't already, you must get him to his VET.....Make the call now & run......I hope you have already done this!!! He's depending on you for help!!!! Let us know what happens and good luck.......Karla
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ANy news on your baby?? Please, let us know......Karla
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