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thyrocab meds for dogs

I have a four year old American Staffordshire terrier and he is on Thyrocab for his thyroid.  Had symptoms of weight gain and lethargic so my vet put him on.  Now five weeks later, he has lost a lot of weight and his coat has turned copper and now gray on his back end.   He was a jet black color and is no longer.  In the sunlight you can see there is something wrong with his coat.  Not loosing hair but it is turning upward and has gone gray. this has happened rapidly in the last week or so.  Should I take him off the meds, or could there be something else causing this?
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Hello I agree with deadgamegrll.  I would not recommend taking him off the medications without consulting the Vet because abruptly stopping any medications can be detrimental to his health.  It does sound like he is on too high of a dosage.   I'm sure examination and testing by his Vet will give the information needed to get his dosage regulated properly.  Good Luck
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It sounds like your dog may have gone from hypo to hyperthyroid.  I would not stop the medication but I would take your dog back in to the vet as soon as possible to have the levels tested and most likely adjusted.
Please keep us posted on how your dog is doing!

~~ dgg
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