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tick problem

I found a tick on my dog's forehead about 2 weeks ago. I removed the tick, actually 2 ticks right next to each other, and put them in alcohol to kill them. There was some bleeding and I cleaned the area of where the ticks were. After the ticks died, I put them into a baggy in case she got sick, so I had them for reference. She has been herself, since then with no problems. Though the area of where the ticks were is still scarred, and the scar seems bigger. I don't get that?? I've given her flea/tick medicine about 3 days after the tick removal, so that was supposed to prevent any other ticks from biting on. Is she having some sort of reaction, what would be the cause of the scar growing?
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Sounds like the area were the ticks were had a scab and she may have rubbed it off and that could be the reason for the area to appear larger than it was in the beginning.If it appears inflammed then you might want to give your vet a call and see what they say.
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It's just possible you left one of the Ticks' heads in? Believe me, that is easy to do sometimes. When that happens it can set up a little infection. A little boil, or occasionally even an abscess can result from this.
It might be best to see the vet about it. Any infection (boil or abscess) in the head area should be dealt with thoroughly, so it won't get worse.

We haven't really started the Tick season where I live, but I am dreading it! Fortunately they are easy to spot on my dog because she is blonde and shorthaired. But I hate the whole tick thing! We both have to be on "Tick watch" for months!
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I have two both are suffering from fleas and ticks. I use Aspis frorte. I buy from genericfrontlinplus.com. Thats Very good product even from Frontline plus
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