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I have 6 yr old Silver Fox Rat Terrier, I took four ticks of his back, they is a lump on his back I squeeze easy got alot of blood and pus out of it, he not eating, drinking water and then he throw's up, he lost fifteen pounds, and he just laying around sleeping. I call the vet, without looking at him she said give him rice and hamburger together. What is causing this I'm worry. He think he in trouble because he throwing up in the house.. I keep talking to him and loving on him that he not in trouble.
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Kim----There is no way for any of us to diagnose your dog over the internet..... Your dog needs to be seen by his Vet ASAP...15 lb weight loss is alarming.....He is Obviously very ill...You need to get him some help...Let us know what you find out and good luck....Karla
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duplicate post - read other for more input.
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