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tiny lump on side of dogs neck

Im brand new to this forum but really really need to know whats going on.  In January I found a small lump on the side of my dogs neck, it doesn't seem to be attached to any muscle, its just sort of under the skin and is about the size of a grain of rice and pretty hard but almost feels like it can be roled around but not far.  I took her in to the vet about a week later and he checked it out and said just to watch it and that since it is small we will just wait to see if it starts bothering Bailey or if it grows bigger.  He said it almost felt like a microchip (she was never microchipped).....Anyways, fast forward to yesterday.  I've been checking this lump everday and Im not sure if I am making it out to be bigger than it actually is.  I went to feel a grain of rice to compare, and Bailey's lump was a little bigger but now Im not sure if the vet meant a cooked piece or raw piece (yes, Im driving myself crazy) and Im not sure if since Im checking everyday and dwelling on it, that in my head Im making it worse.  I can squeeze it and no liquid or anything comes out and it doesn't hurt her at all.  She is booked for an appointment next Tuesday with the vet, but my question is, since its so small, are they even going to be able to a biopsy?  If it were you, would you get it removed entirely just to ease your mind (Im not sure if I want to do this, if it isn't a threat, because Im worried about problems during surgery)?  I guess I should say she is only 3.5 years old, so Im sort of panicked.
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It could be a few things. Only the vet will be able to tell you for sure, but do what he said and keep watching it. If you notice it growing, then I would definately get it removed and biopsied just to make sure it's not anything serious. Make sure and take Baily back to the vet for her check up. Better safe than sorry. If it is something serious don't worry, since it's so small I'm sure you caught it in time. I'm sure she will be just fine. =) You're doing the right thing by taking precautions, and getting her checked regularly by your vet. I know this is hard to do but don't worry so much, your being a good mom. =)

Let me know what the vet says next Tuesday.
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By the way that type of surgery is minor, and you shouldn't be worried about anything if she does have to get the lump removed. I've assisted in many "lump" removals of different kinds, and they all turned out just fine. Usually they will even get to go home the same day, but it depends on the vet. =)
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