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tumor vs stroke

I have a 12 year old standard poodle.  She suffered several focal facial seizures then about 10 hours later had a major seizure with incontinence.  They did an MRI and it showed she has a temporal lesion.  They were not able to determine if it was a stroke or a brain tumor.  They loaded her with phenobarbital and is on a maintenance dose. She has been seizure free.  She has been on the phenobarbital since Thursday and unable to stand for any length of time with out falling over.  She also has a very difficult time getting up on her own.  Are these side effects permanent?  If not how long before she get the strength back and able to walk?  
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Ask your vet if you can cut back a bit on the phenobarb and slowly work up the dose. Side effects should go away in two or three weeks at the most but it sounds like your poodle is a bit overmedicated at the moment.  It can be really difficult to find a dose that is still effective but doesn't interfere with quality of life, so be prepared for some trial and error.  Because it's a very inexpensive and effective medication, it's the first one vets try for seizures, but there are a couple others to try if the phenobarb doesn't work out.
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