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ugh. diarrhea in puppy

We have gotten a new puppy.  She is 7.5 weeks old and tiny at 2 pounds.  The place I got her were feeding her a food I couldn't find----  so I switched her cold turkey to Nutro Ultra small breed puppy.  It's high protein and rated as a decent food.  I shouldn't have done this I am now finding as our puppy has diarrhea.  She plays rambunctiously (and sleeps a lot which she has since we got her), drinks water and was eating pretty normally.  She has just kind of slowed down eating a bit tonight which is FINE by me.  We were at the vet yesterday for a check up and diarrhea hadn't started.  They had to retrieve a stool sample ----  found no worms.  Since then,, she has had more and more diarrhea.  She was found to have flees so they gave her the under 5 pound and over 6 weeks of age Revolution.  I used soapy (dishwashing soap) warm water and a flea comb and worked on her coat.  I read about giving her pumpkin and gave her a small bit just a little bit ago.  Like a quarter of a teaspoon.  I am not sure how much to give her.  This is the pure pumpkin that is often recommended.  Wasn't sure if I should give her a bit of white rice or if I should leave it alone.  Tomorrow I hope (having car issues with husband out of town with the 'good' car) to go find the food she had and go back to that and start the process of switching her slowly.  

Any thoughts?  If she starts changing her 'mood' and stops playing or drinking water, I'll call the vet but I am pretty sure this is my own doing with the food switch.  Again, working to offer her water frequently in small amounts.  
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I would try the rice. Rice tends to help 'stop things up' :) It's probably just a combination of heightened stress in a new environment and the abrupt change in food.

Good luck!
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No reflection on you but 7 weeks is not a good time to take a puppy for Mom,
Anyway, right, you never want to do an abrupt food change. I have never cared for Nutro foods but know many that feed it.  Coat and weight was good on my Shelties but their stools were always mushy but that was just my experience.  You might try a small bag of the Blue food with a little canned and water to moisten it. Tiny dog so you want to make sure you feed at least 4 smaller meals a day.  They can get low blood sugar. You might want to try cooking up a little rice and adding that.  No milk!  She is so tiny, just give her a little food at a time for a while and make sure she has access to fresh water.

I would have at least two more stools checked fir parasites.  Never used Revolution and that would not be my first choice.  Did she het a vaccine shot too and are you ona puppy plan? Important she gets all her shots and do not take her out to public places until all her shots are done.  If that diarrhea gets worse, you see blood and she seems sick, get to the Vet ASAP.  Parvo is always a concern with young pups.

You can wash her with Dawn dish soap or a puppy shampoo.  

She is under a lot of stress right now with no Mom or litter mates, new environment, Vet, etc.  puppies, like babies can sleep a lot so not too concerned about that as long as she seems active and alert when she is awake.

Hope all goes well and please keep us updated.

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Quick update.  As I am a worry wart, I called the vet last night.  Since the pup is playing, eating, drinking and acting normal, she was not concerned and said it was most likely the abrupt food change.  Relief.  So, she recommended the bland diet of boiled chicken with rice for a day and then to mix in the food I've gotten for her over the course of three days increasing a little at a time.  After the three day transition, the vet thought she would be more accustomed to the food and should be fine.  Of course, should lethargy begin or any other symptoms, I'll take her to the vet.  Her stools are soft today but formed which is better than yesterday.  So we are seeing improvement.  And wow, does she LOVE the chicken and rice.  

She had already been separated from her mama and was in need of a loving home.  So, we have taken her in to be a part of our family.  She's already showing more security as she explores more but I'm sure the change is hard for her.  She was not a fan of the kennel (which is for her own safety when I can not watch her) and cried all night (but fine if I held her) but last night she settled down without a whimper.  She does have to get up a couple of times at night to go potty though as she is tiny and I don't expect her to hold it all night.  

We had success with Nutro brand with my last dog.  Time will tell if it is the right choice this pup.  I am going to get some Dawn dish soap to give her a little flea bath.  I think between the small infestation, Revolution, and flea combing, she is currently flea free.  Sure hoping my house is!!  I've been vacuuming, washing things in hot water, etc. like a maniac!!  I've used Revolution previously and to be honest, never had fleas before on any pet!  My dog did have a tic once and was due for her Revolution, I put it on and that tic dried up by the next morning.  ??  It's what our vet recommends.  My only complaint is it is super expensive.  Seems to work well but geez, you have to have extra cash to have a pet for things like this!  What the information I got about Revolution is that it causes the dog to not be a host to the fleas.  Have no idea how that works.  Have no idea how it works for heartworms or tics either.  Just a topical between the shoulder blades is all it is.  Mystery how things like that can be effective.  But I've been successful before.  I have never had a dog with fleas coming into the house though so we shall see.  it was the Vet who gave it to me and put it on at the office.  

She was worm free on Friday and the paper work I have says she's been dewormed three times (or taken the medicine for it, I should say).  The vet said she will check her again in 8 days when we are back at the office for her second round of vaccines.  

It is so cold her which is good and bad.  Not tempted to take her anywhere---  too cold.  Not tempted to play in the yard---  too cold.  Potty breaks are pretty quick as she doesn't really want to hang out for too long out there either.  She finds her spot and goes.  I like the snow because I can make sure she's gone--  helpful.  But potty training in January during this super cold winter is not fun.  Won't lie about that.  

When you say blue food---  do you mean blue buffalo or blue diamond?  

Anyway, I sure do appreciate the time taken to answer my panicked question.  I'll look into the suggestions made for sure!  Challenging raising a pup!  I'll let you all know if she takes a turn for the worse with the diarrhea but am hoping I won't have to!!
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Sounds goid and I am a firm believer in crate training!!  Not sure how big the crate is you are using, but you can put her blanket or bed in the back part and layered or shredded paper towards the front. With any luck, she will get up and peon the paper or she may get used to you getting up during the night.  Of course, I have a large puppy pen I used or used an x-pen ( you could even use a play one) and would bend it around and latch closed.i would then puta crate inside, without a door, bowl for water and paper down. They usually catch on quickly to use the paper and sleep in the crate.

Hey, whatever works! I just never used Revolution but your Vet must know best.  Hint on the vacuuming. Not sure if you have a bag or bagless vacuum but, when the neighbor's cats were flea infested, I take a flea collar, cut it and put it inside the vacuum bag or canister and toss it outside (minus the collar) after each use.

I live in Ca so no snow where I am but friends of mine that live in old areas often put shavings or straw down in the garage or patio area fir the dogs to potty on, ESP the little ones

Have fun!  :-)
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Update on my sweet puppy.  The chicken and rice diet was a bust.  It made things worse, so I went back to the food I was feeding her.  She is doing lbetter.  However, the past couple of days has had loose stools again.  We were do today for the vet/vaccines.  They didn't find any worms, parasites, etc.  So, the vet has added probiotic to her daily routine.  She thinks she's just go a little sensitive tummy.  Overall, she's doing great.  She is a fun pup who plays with her whole heart at playtime and sleeps soundly at nap time.  We are having great fun with her.

and, I don't want to jinx it.  But she may be a genius.  ha ha.  She has gone to the door a few times and made a noise to go out.  We have no accidents in the house (of course, myself or my kids keep an eye on her at all times and know the 'signs') but only once in her kennel when I had to be gone for a bit longer than she needed me to be.  She's also learned the drop it command!  

Okay, I'll quit gushing!  It's fun to have a pup in the house even if it IS a lot of work.  
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Congratulations on your new family member... You never said what kind of puppy you got. :) Just an fyi... You may want to consider getting some Nutri-Cal, as small puppies, especially ones as young as yours, can become hypoglycemic dues to stress, excitement, and loss of fluids from vomiting or diarrhea.
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I hope things have gotten better for your little girl.

I had a rough experience last year where my puppy was actually eating a plant that was in the house. I had no idea, but she had chronic diarrhea. She lived on cooked rice and chicken with pumpkin for two months before I realized what was going on.

How long are you keeping her on the mixture before you start changing it. I never added or took anything away until I saw a change in my dogs stool. Once things started to firm up I took 1/4 cup away of rice mixture and added 1/4 of her kibble..
In the end my girl had a sensitive stomach as well so we put her on a hyproallergentic food and slowly introduced stuff back until we found a process that worked for her!
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