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very sick dog

Hi my mothers dog,was in a random fight with a badger,last week.she took him too the vet,he had severe head trauma and respiratory problems.his whole condition rapidly declined,vet kept him in the sergery,on a drip.now vet thinks he may have contracted infectious disease from badger. Is this posible?what sort of diseases can badgers carry?. thanks
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Badgers can carry Tuberculosis. But my guess is that the wounds he got just became infected. There are many soil-borne bacteria which badgers would have under their claws, and this kind of thing could have got into his wounds.
They have really sharp teeth, so puncture wounds are highly likely and they can easily become infected, whether caused by an animal, or sharp pointed object.

It seems he needs a course of antibiotics, but I guess your vet will have that in hand. The drip is probably to re-hydrate him because he will not drink? If a dog feels too sick to eat and drink, it is put on a drip as a regular thing.

I suppose you could have a TB test, you could ask your vet about this. But whether or not it would show up, so soon after possible infection, and whether dogs are susceptible to cross-infection from Badgers(?) I really don't know enough to say. Speak to your vet about it.
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My mothers dog may jaundice now contracted from an infection.any ideas on a diet that could help.........
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I'm so sorry because I don't know a good diet for liver disease/jaundice. There are many different causes for jaundice, whether it's infectious hepatitis, or liver failure, or a few different things.
All I DO know is that Milk Thistle herb is safe for dogs and is a good supportive help for liver function. It is very often given to dogs. I am afraid I'm not certain of the dosage though.
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