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what to do for a old sick dog?

hi. i have a fox rat terrier. and she is about 12. she wont eat anything at all. weve tried giving her chickennoodle soup. but she wont touch it. we are down to are last hope with puppy milk/sick dog milk. but nothing is working she has lost wieght rapidly since. she will only drink water Nd fights us fpr milk. we are going to take her to thw vet but we wanted to see if anyone else had answers for us. she is really weak. when she was younger she fpught off provo twice. so we know that it isnt provo. she wont poop at all. and she isnt puking anything up. she use to be the watch dog type but now shr barely moves. she shakes when she breaths. alway noticed her teeth falling out. anything she use to eat a week ago she wont even touch. she isnt alowed human food. just dog food. please help us!
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