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whining Chihuahua

Hi everyone. Just discovered this page. So I am just checking for some advice or ideas for my Chihuhua winning problems. I have a 2 month mini chocolate Chihuahua. I've been reading on the breed because I never had one. All the other dogs I've had were OK to train...
So my problems are:
1 - So far I only managed to make him stay put (or sleep) at night from after dinner until 7am. Maybe because we tire him playing a bit before dinner? But when my husband goes early to work he won't stay quiet and whines like howling? We couldn't get him a proper crate yet. Don't know if it's because it's a cardboard box and he needs visibility? But is that needed if I'm not around? Does he need to so he's needs outside the box? (We leave him a dipper thing and food) what are we doing wrong...?
2 - Every time I'm with him he whines trying to get attention. Like barking at my shoes whether I'm in the kitchen or other part. He constantly runs around the house smelling everything. And trying to climb on my legs and whining. I am always afraid he poops or pees inside the house. Can't do my house work without a bit of stress. I try to say no firmly but he whines and does this to a point where I can't hold it any more and I start to yell or use a news paper and make noise on the floor and say bad boy.
These are a few things. I know he is little yet but I don't want him to be afraid of me but to see us both as leaders. I want him to be a normal happy puppy. If anyone reads this...some ideas would help.
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Well, you just have a tiny puppy and he is no longer with his litter ayes and in a new environment.
Granted, a box is not the best option and hope you can get a crate soon.  Dies he skeep in your room or another room?  Puppies have to pee often and definitely first thing upon arising, after play and eating.  You need to take him out often and praise him when he goes outside.  I would not give a small pup the run of the house unless supervised.  You do not want to yell at him all the time or scare him or he will be afraid of you.  Try to get him something to chew on like bully sticks or a small Kong you can stuff to see if that will keep him busy.
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I'd say you are expecting too much from a 2 month old pup. He has barely been weened. He is the equal of an 18 month old child. You need to do some reading on what to expect from a puppy.
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After dinner until 7am sounds like a normal night's sleep for a dog. It depends on what time you have dinner. If it is at 6pm, then that is a long sleep without relieving himself. My dog liked to nap after dinner, with waking now and again, and I would take her out around 8-9pm to pee, and again just before we went to bed around midnight. On each occasion she got a 'thank-you' biscuit as encouragement for doing her stuff. She would then sleep through the night.
The first thing I did after my morning shower, was to take her out to 'do her stuff' again.

Then during the day I would not have expected her to stay in a box!
We spent a lot of time outside. Even in not-so-great weather. At least, she had two good walks a day, and access to the outside whenever she needed it.
The rest of the time she was with me.

If I had to go out to an appointment, of course she would have to stay home alone.
A crate is a good idea for some dogs at times like that. But I wouldn't have dreamed of crating my dog. She rested on her little sofa.

A bit different with your little one. But he will need to be able to do his stuff outside quite regularly. And will need to interact with you in the home, as a family member, and not expected to stay in a box (or crate.)
You will get used to his needs and build a routine as time goes by. ALWAYS reward him with a tiny ***-bit whenever he does what he should do outside. That will help him learn.

He will be rambunctious because he's such a youngster. Run off some of his energy! Then give him clear guidance and training to do the right things, by positive reinforcement.
Don't shout at him. That gets you nowhere. He will not understand it. All it will be to him is a noisy emotional reaction -which as time goes by he may start to think of as attention which he is seeking!
Whacking the ground with the newspaper -similar.
If he spends long periods of time in a crate, desperate to be out of there and to interact with you, then even that telling-off will be the attention he seeks!

I hope my suggestions are some help to you....
Sorry my word got asterisked! That was "t-i-t-b-i-t".
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