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white dog poop lol

im an over protective mother of my 2 yr old weimeraner!!!! jus lately she has been having white poops i havent changed her diet for a couple of months and she seems happy enough
could it mean a deficiency or anything more serious
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Could be something more serious.  White, or light colored stools mean that bile is not emptying as it should.  Bile comes from the liver, gets stored in the gallbladder and empties into the small intestine to help digest fats.  Time for a vet visit!  
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would she have other symptoms??
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It depends.  If it were due to something like pancreatitis, then yes.  You would see a whole lot of spectacular vomiting - even water.  Pancreatitis can be lethal, is extremely painful and must be treated in hospital.  That's just one example.  Of course, there could be a liver problem brewing if bile isn't being secreted and other symptoms haven't shown up yet.

How's she doing?
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hiya well she eatin and being her usual crazy self thanx for your advice im gonna keep a close eye on her and if it happens again im gonna take her the vets, the thing is about a month ago she had bad diahorrea and lost a lot of weight, i have changed her food to the frozen stuff we cook in the microwave mixed with a bit of vitalin (dunno if you have vitalin there but its like cornflakes) she had a normal poop last night!!!!!
im so paranoid about her i love her to bits and when i mentioned liver problems to my hubby he went crazy at me cause im so over protective BUT if anything happened to her he wud cry more lol, thanx i will keep you informed x
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