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why did my dog die

My dog would of been 10 years in Sept. 2.5 weeks ago my dog started limbing. I did a assesment on her by picking her hind legs up one at a time and do range a motions to see if she would show pain or discomfort. My dog never  showed discomfort or yelp when i touched both hind legs.
She slowly stopped eating dog food, but I would give her a steak and she would gobble it down. She was drinking alot of water right up until the last day when she died. By the end of the 1st week she wasnt getting up as much her back end was getting smaller around her hips she looked like she had lost at least 10 pounds. On one of her hind heels there was a open sore  which I dressed it for a few days and it had  gotten better. 2 days later  I noticed her  hind leg was swollen up around her ankle and heel area.  1st thought it was inflamation of the joint, it was like that for 2 days. then the 3rd morning i went out to check her leg and found that there was blood every were with little white round specks in the blood. i kept it clean and dressed it until after Easter long weekend. I took her into the vet which he said it was an abscess and to keep up what I was doing by keeping it clean . The vet gave atibiotics for my dog after the 3rd  day the sore on her leg was healing up but she wasnt getting any better. She couldnt weight bear  very much we had to lift her up for my dog to catch her balance she walked short distances then lay back down.this was fri the end of the 2nd  week.On Sat she was urinating where she layed and had a very hard med BM. Sun evening she tried to move her head but she couldnt, also stopped drinking water on her own I had to give it through a seringe.Haley died at 1:50 monday morning March 31st. I really dont know what she died from if i could of dont something different. I dont know if she died from her abscessed leg  and she went septic. Can you please give me answers.
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I am so sorry for your loss.  I suggest you post your question on the "Ask a Vet" forum.  Maybe the doctor will be able to give you some answers.  
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