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why is my dog wobbly again?

My border collie has been on phenobarbital for almost 6 months. It took him a few weeks to adjust to it. He was falling down , spacing out and sleeping a lot. After a few weeks he started looking like his old self. Now for the last week he starting to wobble and looks spaced out again. He had a small mini seizure a couple days ago, the first one since he's been on pheno.. Are these side effects again from the phenobarbital or could something else be going on.  I have a blood test scheduled in a couple days.
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cricketblad, I am sorry you didn't get an answer before.
I'm also sorry but I have no experience with phenobarbital treatment as I never had a dog with those issues.
It is hard to tell if his recent symptoms are as a result of his original condition....or side effects. I think you need to have a good discussion with your vet about this.
In the meantime, at least your question has been 'bumped'  so it will be seen a bit better, and I hope you will get a reply from someone else who has more experience.
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