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Ok so in the past month i have been volunteering with my local SPCA as a foster parent for puppies. The puppie i have now has been dewormed twice and i am still seeing white worms in her stool. Now about a week ago i was in the hospital because i had severe diarrhea and stomach cramping, The doctor wrote it off as a viral infections, BUT tonight i am almost positive that i had worms in my stool and my rectal area has become very itchy. What is the likely hood that this puppie has passed these worms she is  carrying onto myself? Also i was wanting to know what kind of symptoms i would have if it were worms and how long it actually takes for a worm to form and be visible in the stool. Thank you
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It's highly unlikely that you contracted worms from your dog unless she licked your face and it got in your mouth. You can also get the bacteria giardia this way which would cause the symptoms you described. Don't let your dog lick your face and don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth after handling a dog.

More than likely, you had some kind of food poisoning (also caused by bacteria.) The rectal itching could just be from your bottom healing after having all that horrible diarrhea and probably constant wiping.

If you're still concerned, I would get some food-grade diatomaceous earth and mix it in with a milkshake or something. If you do have worms, that will kill them safely. It will also help the dog if you mix it into her food. Google "food grade diatomaceous earth" if you want more information on this.
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Yes, there is a very good chance that the puppy could have passed the worms onto you. Worms are pretty easily communicable,I would visit your GP and ask them to run a test to be sure because you are displaying a few key symptoms and think you saw them. Hope everything works out!
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