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worried about my dog.

Hi there, I've noticed my dog just don't stop itching bad scratches is self to death, he us going boild , my cat had fleas so I treated them all with flea stuff and my cat still got them, I can see one on my dog though, so wot could it be with him,
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Not a lot of information.
What did you use to treat the fleas?  Did you treat the house and yards?
Even one flea bite can cause problems on an animal that is allergic to them.
I suggest you consult your Vet on a good oral medication for your animals.
Do a search on the Internet as to how to get rid of fleas in your house and on your property.
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Thankyou for your advice and getting back to me, yes done the house and dogs abd cats with wot I got from vets,going to book him in tmz,..
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So, the thing with flea medication is that you must treat once a month for a minimum of 3 months to get rid of an infestation because that is how long the flea life cycle is. If you only put one treatment on, you bet those fleas will be back shortly because all of the eggs left on the pet and in the environment will hatch and cause problems next month.
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Yes all treated now and house all dine beds eg, been to vets my dig had mites thank you for getting back,
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