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EIF and down syndrome

My doctor called me yesterday and told me that it looks like there is a EIF on my baby girl. My doctor also said that a EIF is a small marker for down syndrome.  I freaked out she told me that the blood test work shows that I do not show any signs for the baby to have down syndrome but wants me to see a specialist just to make sure. All I found on the Internet was EIF was a part of the heart muscle where it has more calcium than average and there is some cases that it is a sign for down syndrome but there are a lot of cases that show no connection. .. I am 19 years old and I am 19 weeks pregnant.  If this has happened to someone and everything is okay and fine please let me know or if this is happening to you know and ypu found out that its okay.  Thank you
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Ive heard it happens then clears up, talk to God pray about it because im the oppisit my sonogram looked great but my risk is 1/220 I don't feel afraid anymore ill keep my faith in Gods hands I know he won't give u more then u can handle.. sorry I feel u ill be twenty weeks in two days!
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I've also read that they clear up on there own.. just relax and pray.. I'm sure you'll be fine girly .... I had a high risk for ds and today I went in for my anatomy scan and everything looked great as to abnormality wise... prayers really do magic! I hope you the best my dear!!
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Congrats on your pregnancy!!  Hon, I'm a mom to a little boy with Down Syndrome as well as a "typical" son.

EIF's are quite normal. They are considered a "Soft Marker" for Down Syndrome and normally if 2 or more soft markers are noted the doctor will suggest prenatal testing. Having 1 soft marker is generally no cause for concern especially if your blood work seems good so far.

When it came to my pregnancy I was already having prenatal testing for a genetic issue when we found out our son had DS. He's 4 1/2 now and I do not remember what all he had as far as ultrasounds go.

My 2nd son actually had an EIF, or a calcium deposit but was born healthy and "typical".
Your baby is going to be healthy and things should turn out alright. Doctors try to be on the cautious side when babies are concerned.
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