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How do we stop son from defiling Stepmom"s clothing

My 25 year old stepson has Down's Syndrome. I have been married to his Dad for almost 2 years. My stepson has been masturbating and wiping his ejaculate on my clothing. I am at the end of my rope. My husband punishes him by taking away priveleges but it keeps happening. How do we get it to stop?
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Taking away privileges probably isn’t the awncer for (this) type of issue.. apparently he has a sexual fixation on you, by him doing this type of thing it’s more of a mental notion that you will come in contact with his ejaculate.. it’s a rough road to go on, but he see’s you as a sexual figure in his life. And I’m going to bet you have noticed your underwear and other garments going missing as well. Perhaps pictures or other things that would give him an outlet?. To be perfectly honest the situation in my mind is unrectifyable.. if he is fixated on you “sexually” he always will be. It’s not a fixation you can just “ Break” or “Move on” from.. though your husband may be able to stop the behaviour for a while it is always going to be something in the forefront of the son’s mind..
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