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My wife received a positive Down Syndrome test result and we are really worried.

My wife is 13 weeks pregnant and we got our blood test results back this week to say the Downs Syndrome test came out positive. We are absolutely devastated and shocked. The doctor says there is an increased risk which is at 1 to 111. She will have to undergo further tests I am told. Can someone please give me advice? Has anyone been in this situation or know someone who has? Apparently some of the tests could lead to a miscarriage. I don't know much about medical field so I would appreciate some advice on what test options we have. I hear from some people that it's common to get a positive result. Is that so? I am trying to put on a really brave face in front of her, but deep down I am so worried. I know how much this baby means to her.

Thank you so much in advance. I am praying it's a false positive.
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My son is downs, a joy to have. You will love your child . I would say relax and see the posatives . I was 1 in 5 of a downs child, you will wonder what you worried about when you see the baby.
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Thank you so much. I appreciate your reply. We did do subsequent tests and the results looked favourable. My wife gave birth on 18th Jan this year and we were blessed with a healthy baby girl. One thing I realize is you never know till the actual birth date.  Thank you once again for reply.
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