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What do I do about my 15 year old neighbor with down syndrome behavior ?

I have lived next to him for 5 long years. When we moved in my son didn't want to befriend him. I told him he might end up being my sons best friend so don't judge a book by its cover. Well as time progressed the DS neighbor became aggressive towards me and my son and very sexual minded towards me. He constantly tries to touch me and peers in neighbors windows. He follows me everywhere and knocks or rings my doorbell until I answer. He has forced his way in and broken my door in the process he is very heavyset so it's hard to keep him out. He also invites himself in and helps himself to whatever is out He also urinates outside dropping his drawers and showing the world his privates. He's getting physical with my autistic son and now threatening us with relatives of him kicking our butts. His mom just tells me to ignore it but it's hard when his behavior is so bad. I've tried to look up ways to deal with him and I've called the cops and CPS and nothing was done. My son and I hate where we live because of him making our lives miserable. I used to love to be outdoors but now I feel I have to hide inside or stay gone so he can't bother me. He also misses a lot of school.
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Whatever happened with this situation?
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That is really crazy.  And his parents just allowed all of this!  Wow.
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