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My son has Down Syndrome and is healthy for the most part, every October/November he gets this awful reaction where his lips and tougne swell to the point of an ER trip. None of the doctors seems to know what or why this is happening.  It's very scary and was wondering if you had heard of something like this. He is on a non glutton diet and only eats healthy foods. So we are at a loss. We live in Portsmouth NH near the ocean when he was 3 and this started when he was 15, he is 18 now. Please if you could help that would be wonderful.
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My son has the problem of swollen cracked lips occasionally,  we have found that this is usually caused by lack of fluids, we use Carmex, a lip balm,  and make sure he drinks plenty of water.  Check his blood work and see if his endocrine system is in balance. At 15  he was beginning to secrete the male hormones and these need to be in balance. Winter weather is a lot drier and this increases the need for fluids, we drink more during warm/hot weather,  also being near the Ocean , means you deal with more salt in the system, this will dry out tissues also.  A large tongue is not usually the problem, our pediatrician told us the tongue is normal but the mouth is smaller. It is very comman for the tongue to protrude from the mouth, we just keep telling our son, "Tongue in mouth please".  He has been so conditioned now, that it is very unlikly that his tongue is outside of his mouth. The Carmex will heal the lips  if applied often, even when they are not cracked.  Good Luck
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Myabe some sore of allergy to mold or plant spore. A1lergy test?  Maybe your doc would try zrytec for short term if they think temporay allergy. I never heard of it but lots of oct nov running noses
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