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Can POTS cause these readings on ECG?

I have recieved copies of ECG's and they have the following coments stated on them:

T Wave abnormality -                on all ecg's
consider inferior ischemia -        
consider anterolateral ischemia
consider inferolateral ischemia
sinus arrhythmia -                      
consider anterior ischemia
prolonged QT
pattern in QR suggests V1 right ventricular conduction delay

These ECG's were all done when I have been experiencing chest pain and/or palpatations.
Are these common comments in people with POTS?  My dr is not to concerned at the moment as an echo and a stress echo show the structure of my heart is fine.  Only trace mitral regurgitation and trace tricuspid regurgitation.  

Just wondering if anyone here has anything similar.  I do not really want to google these as then I would probably worry about them!!!
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Unfortunately, I don't have a complete understanding of these test results.  I would expect that these results aren't considered entirely normal for POTS patients though.  I would recommend asking on the Heart Rhythm Community.

I have had an EKG come back with a note of "Right Ventricular Conduction Delay".  I have no idea what it means, but my Cardiologist at the time didn't seem concerned either.  I would also assume PVC's to be common.  (Anyone else have a comment on that?)  As for your other findings, I am just not certain.

As a borderline Long QT patient, I am most considered about the prolonged QT.  Do the copies you have happen to contain the QT/QTc values?  Are you taking a beta blocker?
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One last question...  Were your electrolytes tested?  Many times when a Dysautonomia patient has an abnormal EKG, it is recommended that their electrolyte levels are tested.
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I know close to nothing about the interpretation of EKGs, not being a doctor and all.  :-p  However, as a patient, I can say that the only part of that list that I think is "normal" for POTS is ectopic beats (PVCs in your case).  "Sinus arrhythmia"--could that just mean sinus tach?  Anyone know?  Because sinus rhythm is good; that's what you want.  So I'm guessing the arrhythmia part comes in with the rate and being that you have POTS, I'm guessing tachy?  If that's all that is, then yes, sinus tach on a POTSy's EKG would be nothing out of the ordinary.  As halbashes said, I would ask about long QT; frankly, I'd ask for detailed clarification on the whole lot of it.  You have the right to have your doctor explain all test results in terms that you can understand.  But really, I don't have the slightest idea what the rest of it means.  Sorry.  :-(  
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Thank you for your post.

The prolonged QT is only noted one one ECG, were the other comments are on many of them.  I have low potassium levels on/off and am no longer on beta blockers, they lowered my BP further and made me feel worse!!!!

I have recieved a copy of my tilt table test results to!!!  I now have definte figures.  Both my HR and BP went up greatly.
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Thanks for your comments.

I go to see my cardiologist on the 2nd of sept....with my long list of questions!!!!  There seems to be something for me to add dailyxx
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I know this is an old post, but I've been experiencing the same things and same ekg readings.  Did you ever get a diagnosis evo123.
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