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Feeding Tubes and POTS

Hey! I have a strange question for you guys... I have noticed that multiple people with POTS have feeding tubes... (Ranging from semi-permanent to temporary.) I was wondering if any of you guys had experience with those, and if you could give me some insight into what might cause a POTSy to need a feeding tube. Thanks so much!
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I do not have a feeding tube, but many POTSies who have feeding tubes have a GI disorder called gastroparesis. This is when the intestines and stomach move food too slowly and in severe cases the stomach can actually be paralyzed. The other reason I have heard for POTSies to get feeding tubes is because of extremely severe nausea and/or vomiting to the point where malnutrition sets in and severe weight loss occurs. Hope this helps!
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OK, thanks so much for the information! I didn't really have a reason for it, but I'm really curious about anything involving POTS, soo... yeah. If anyone has any personal stories they'd like to share, feel free!
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I have POTS myself and it is because when you are eating a lot of blood goes to your stomach when people with POTS eat a lot of blood goes to the stomach and when you stand it falls so you can pass out from eating have nausea light headed and for a lot of people it is hard to maintain a healthy weight so feeding tubes are needed.
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