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Feeling faint and dizzy after angiogram. Could it be a POTs flare up?

I am a 34 year old with a history of chest pain, PVCs, lightheadedness, tremors, migraines, heat/cold intolerance. I was diagnosed with POTs after I failed a tilt test.   I have had practically every test done, and I just had an angiogram to rule out a coronary blockage.  Since the angiogram, I have been feeling very faint.  I called my doctor and he said my symptoms are not due to the angiogram.  I am wondering if the invasiveness of the procedure, along with the sedation and contrast dye have cause a bad POTs syndrome flare up??  Has anyone had a similar experience?
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Hi I am a 42 year old female with almost the same history of symptoms.  I have Raynaud's syndrome, tremors , sinus tachycardia, IBS, and migraines.  Have they checked you for Raynaud's?  Have they checked your magnesium?  I have low magnesium and they have me on Magnesium Oxide 400 one in the am and one in the night.  It has helped a lot it is good for Raynaud's and migraines and the tachycardia.  Just a thought.  Do you have to take medicine for the POTS?  I tried Metaprolol and Cardizem neither agreed with me.  People with Raynaud's shouldn't take Metoprolol it makes your symptoms worse.  Thought I would let you know this in case you take it.  I was ten times worse on that stuff and could barely make it ten feet without an episode.  Let me know how things are going.  take care and best of luck.  gogetter7
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