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Heat intolerance, fatique, no energy

Hello, I had not been diagnosed yet. I saw some doctors but they don't know why I have those symptoms. Basic blood work came back negative. I have a huge heat intolerance, with temp over 71 F, can not take warm bath, can not eat anything warm,I have hard time to concentrate and communicate, abdominal pain, pain in left leg and hip.  Soon as the heat will hit me my face and fingers will be like on fire. I am having the same symptoms with emotional stress. When i have stressful situation  immediately my face is like on fire, I am having very dry heat in my face(it is coming from inside me, my breath is hot) and color of my face is deadly white. I think that something is happening with blood float at that moment, almost like blood is not coming to my face. The same time my fingers will get very swollen, fluffy, red and hot (I think the blood from face goes to fingers). When this happen - immediately I have pressure in my head (feel like something cracked in head), I get very fatigue and tired, have no energy. I have to lay down. I can not eat or drink anything warm, If I have only one sip of anything warm I get big sharp pain in my stomach/esophagus all my body will shake, huge heat in face and fingers, extremely fatigue, totally drained, sick, I have to lay down. I am not eating warm food for 8 years, I can not be outside in summer time, I can not cook (heat from stove makes me sick, even steam from warm plate would make me sick). Can anybody help me, please?
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   Wow! it sounds like you are really having to deal w/ a lot w/ this "Heat Intolerance" Issue. This makes life very hard to deal with I know.

    What sort of Doctors have you seen for this if any? How long have you been dealing w/ this issue?  Do you have any other underlying conditions......MS, NCS, POTS, Thyroid Isuues, Anxiety, Panic Disorder?

       When checking Thyroid just a basic TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)  test is really not sufficient (in my opinion). The Thyroid is a Buttrerfly shaped, or some people call it the shape of a Bow-Tie. Each side has a Specific job in converting one hormone to another. hope I am making sense : )

    So a Really Good way of checking the Thyroid is of course TSH and T3, T4, and Reverse T3.....These will certainly eliminate if there is a problem w/ Thyroid in any way.  (all done through blood work)

      As you already know Heat intolerance is the inability to be comfortable when external temperatures rise.  Some of the more common causes of Heat Intolerance can be:
•Amphetamines such as appetite suppressants
•Excess thyroid hormone (thyrotoxicosis)
    I am NOT in any way saying that you have a Thyroid condition, but certainly worth getting that Completely Ruled Out!

I will check back w/ your post to see what you answered to these questions...

Have a geat night,

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I have heat intolerance also due to autonomic neuropathy, but not to the degree that you have. I also have panhypopituitary, 2nd adrenal insufficiency, but my thyroid is ok per repeated tests.  My chiropractor is always stating that very few people follow the book. Their illness doesn't read like the general description of the illness in medical books. My doctors thought I had Carcinoid Tumor Syndrome due to flushing in face. They are not sure now about the Carcinoid. The main thing I do to control temperature irregularities is coffee when I'm cold and iced tea when I'm hot. I also do fans or space heaters depending upon temp.  
When they take your temperature, is it usually 98.9 ?  Mine runs low 96 or 97. Don't know if that is a clue of not. Good Luck with the journey of getting it figured out. I've been at it 10 years and have more questions then answers.
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Hello Tonya,
Wow - I can not believe how quick was your response. Thank you so much. Yes you are absolutely right, it is very hard to deal with this.I adjusted my life to this condition and I am trying to live with it the best as I can.
First at all I need to tell you that all my problem have start 12 years ago when I had been infected by genital herpes virus, not treated for 4 month.Those 4 month was the worst 4 month of my life. I had a huge pain and heat in my vaginal area and pelvic floor, my genitals was like on fire but most of everything I did not know what is wrong with me and I was very afraid, very embarrassed, guilty and very angry. I was not educated about this disease and It was a big trauma,shock to me. I was totally frustrated . I had such a pain but doctor was telling me that is nothing wrong with me, maybe it is an east infection. He was giving me a high dosage of Duflecan and some other medicine,  but nothing helped.  After 4 month i changed GY Dr.., new doctor have found inside my vagina (near to anus on left side) little blister, took biopsy  and yes it was herpes. Since that I live with big pain in my genital area, I have open cuts there where the herpes was (almost looks like paper cuts) very painful. I had a huge heat in my genital,tail bone and pelvic for another 12 month, I still have the heat there but less. All my left side of hip, sitting area - sitting bone, thigh is always in pain, the one spot where I had the herpes I fill like there is something stack, bloke, very tight. It is very painful even for the light touch. Through the years I feel like the heat sensitivity has spread in to other parts of my body.
I visited pain clinic last year and I was diagnosed with postherpetic neuralgia. I saw endocrinologist, he did some blood work (not sure what kind)which came back negative, he also did adrenal test-negative. I had blood work done for lupus- negative. I had MRI done (spine cord) about 7 years ago and it was good. And I think this is it. I don't think I had any more tests done.
I think I have an anxiety, maybe panic disorder? I am not sure.... I have a huge anxiety speaking.  English is my second language so every time I speak I have anxiety. I can not control that. I always have to focus what am I saying, I can not just talk naturally. Sometimes I am so nervous that I am making mistakes what I am saying, my words are coming wrong.This is giving me a huge stress every day. When this happen I feel something like crack in my head, my face is immediately on fire, my cheeks are so dried when i touch them it hurts,I get totally sick, fatigue, no energy, pretty much I feel like I just had some surgery done. My face look at that moment like a death person.
I think this is all. Now you know my story and I am pretty sure that your head is spinning now :):)
Please accept my apology for the grammar and spelling mistakes.

Have a good night and happy Mothers Day to you (and or to your mother).

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  Hey there :)  i have not forhotten about you...i am just having an "BAD" day today
so I will get with you tomorrow......As my brain is Mush tonight......

hope your weekend was good,
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Oh no, that bad hm?
Don't worry, one day will not make any different to me....I am happy that you will be giving me some advice. Any.......
I hope you will have better day tomorrow...:):) take it easy....
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     Well, you certainly have a long hx of miserable stuff going on  :(
Of course as you know that when you have a herpes Outbreak you the actual nerves to the affected area are being damaged. this would explain the strange sensations in the previous areas of where you had previous outbreaks....Makes sense so far?  Lol

     Check out this link and tell me what you think. See if it helps to answer or understand some of your questions:


Let me know what you think and ask something if you need.
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