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Hello Friends: Calling all Calendar Updates......

Interesting Trvia for everyone. Did you know that this October 2010has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays, all in one Month??  This only happens once every 823yrs......

    Ok, for my week, I am laying pretty low this week and enjoying the weather starting to change.
My Daughter came over today to help me do a BIG Fall Cleaning :)   i am sooooo Thankful for that!
it smells and feels so good and clean in here. Not that it wasn't before but we did DEEP Cleaning!

     I hope this week finds everyone Happy, Healthy, and in a Good Way!  I also hope that everyone had a Safe and Restful weekend :)

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Tonya-send your daughter to my house I could use her help.lol
Isn't that trivia interesting? What do u think we will all be doing when it comes again in 823 yrs? Bet we wont be worried about Ad:)
I am not doing much this week. Just haven't felt too great so will rest.
I guess I am going to give in and get a flu shot Wed. All my drs feel its important so guess I will. Dreading it though.
Hope everybody has a great week! This Fall weather is gorgeous here.

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Today Cody has a follow up with his dermatologist for the bumps on his arms.  She gave him creams to help make them less noticable, but no such luck, they still are red and bumpy.

That's the only thing on the calendar this week.

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Today, I have been doing prep for a colonoscopy scheduled tomorrow.  I'm feeling pretty weak.

Christydrake- a couple of thoughts on your son's arms- did the doctor suggest keratosis pilaris as the cause for the bumps?  Also, if they are red bumps, did the doctor suggest rosacea and a possible vitamin B 2 deficiency?
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Yes, they did say it was keratosis pilaris.  They have given him a steroid cream to try to get them calmed down, they are very red and bumpy.   Today she prescribed a stronger cream since the other one made no difference at all.  He'll go back in 5 weeks to see if this cream helps.  
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Interesting about 10/2010.  My friend got married yesterday...for some reason she was obsessed with the date 10/10/10!  It was a gorgeous wedding - 1st class all the way.  I ended up skipping my sister's party Sat. night so I would feel ok for the wedding.  I felt bad cancelling, but I'm really glad I did.  I'm exhausted today and it would have been so much worse if I had gone Saturday.  I actually found tolerable heels (made by Aerosole) and lasted all day in them but my whole body is sore from walking in them all day...especially my legs and butt!  I looked good though, lol!

I'm just hoping to make it thru the work week this week.  I do have an appt. with my Cardiologist Friday and I'm going to talk to him about a Neurologist.  Hopefully his ego doesn't get in the way of advice.
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Yesterday (10/10/10) was my husband's birthday (not his 10th...) and the kids planned to take him out to dinner at his favorite german restaurant here. Nick layed low all day so he would be able to go out and we had a nice time--hooray! His head was bothering him right after we got there (we ate outside, but even that was a little loud for him) but it got slightlly better. We were there about an hour and a half. The longest he's been out in a while, not counting the neuro last week.

This week we will hopefully hear back from the neuro about a couple of things--one was something on the brain MRI that concerned him. We also will try to figure out how we are going to video Nick sleeping for 5 nights in a row. I don't know what we can record on for that length of time.
We will go in for a cortisol test, but I am dreading that b/c it is soooo hard on NIck to get up early and he has to have it done right at 8 am. I don't know why-I"m sure you all do. Something about hormones....

And we are one week closer to seeing Dr. Rowe....

hope you all have a good one.
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A number of events this week!  I don't quite understand why they would give a steroid creme for keratosis pilaris.  When I was told I had it, they explained the old skin wasn't sluffing off fast enough or something.  I think they suggested I use lotion a person could buy over the counter & not a steroidal creme.
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   For the most part it sounds like everyone has a fairly light week. Glad to hear that as all that Doctor running is so hard on us sometimes...most of the time :)

Surgi:  Sorry about dealing about all that Prep for the test. That's actually the worst part of it.  Know that thoughts and Prayers are going out to you today as you have your testing done that all will turn out positive :)

LA:  Sorry hubby is feeling so bad. hope the results of MRI are clear!   I can understand the early rising on Nick as it IS so hard for those morning appointments.  YIPPEE that your appt is moving right up, getting closer and closer :)

Stephanie:  Glad that you got to go to your Friend's wedding. ANd, Hey!  
Looking Good = Feeling good and I am all about that!  I too LOVE it when I am able to get dressed up and got the shoes going ( as yall know I LOVE shoes) as well as purses...gotta have those matching accessories ;)  Rest and I hope the soreness subsides quickly.....Although it may have been kinda worth it right?  Lol

Christy:  I truly hope that your son can get some relief from this skin issue and find the right meds / creams to rid this or at least make it 'Settle down".  I am sure you have tried different steroidal creams or possible light dose of oral steroids??

Beema:  Glad your week is light :)  I LOVE those weeks! Escpecially when the weather is so noce outside and you can take a good book and cup of tea outside to read and just enjoy the view of the season changing and the little critters (not bugs lol) squirrels, birds, and such ;)

   Hope everyone else is doing Ok and you are resting and enjoying life dispite of our Aweful, Yukky, Draining, days!

Hugs and Love to you all :)
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Hi There,
So glad Nick was able to have a good time with the rest of the family Sunday :)  I had an idea, although I don't know what a device like this might be called.  There has to be some kind of video recorder that is digital and you can down load the video after each night's recording so you wouldn't have to have 5 x however many hours per night he sleeps.  Just a thought :)
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Your response made me think of the old Saturday Night Live Billy Crystal skit where he said "it is better to look good than feel good, and you look maahvelous!"  I say that to myself often these days, lol!  It was worth it...I was glad I lasted all day...almost like my old self...with the help of Midodrine of course :)
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you're right. I am so old I forgot about those new-fangled things called digital. :) My college-boy is here this week and is looking at some with me. They are surprisingly inexpensive! I guess the expensive part will be the memory stick or disc or whatever.
The neuro said to just watch it back in fast forward every night and mark down anything I see (moving around, waking up, twitching, etc.) so that will be easy to do every day....
Thanks for thinking of a solution for us! :)
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Had the colonoscopy yesterday- they didn't find anything that I didn't already know about.  The GI doctor says sometimes bleeding can occur from taking NSAIDS which they just can't see.  I had a different doctor saying previous to the test sometimes they just don't know why it happens in some people.  If any of you start feeling really tired, like I did before they found iron deficiency anemia, please go and get your ferritin checked!  Low iron can increase tachycardia, which I thought I also was noticing getting worse before the anemia was found.
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Your welcome!  I don't think memory sticks are very expensive these days either!
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Glad the colonoscopy didn't bring you any surprises!
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Realized I didn't say this clearly when I said  I had a different doctor saying previous to the test sometimes they just don't know why it happens in some people.  What I meant was low ferritin levels- sometimes they just don't why it happens.
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  I too am Thrilled that your test showed nothing horrible :)

   From what I understand (also learned in nursing) is that Ferritin is like the "Reserve" for your Iron. Then when that starts getting low or depletes that is when the actual Iron will be tapped in to.

   I always have my Ferritin levels checked when doing the every 6 mnth blood work stuff.  And you are correct, sometimes it just happens ...well, because it just does!  Sometimes a woman who menstruates and has Mennoraghia (heavy periods) will also have low Ferritin which can lead to low Iron if not treated.

   But as always it is ALWAYS best to make sure the Docot knows to follow up on this because it could be something underlying......

   Many people will have a 'normal Iron Level" but not know that the Ferritin is low which in return will start tapping into that Iron level. Most docs do not routinely check Ferritin...

   Pheewwww, I think I talked to much...lol,,,,,,,,,,Sorry ;0
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I'm really happy they didn't find anything more than hemorrhoid myself.  How little bleeding I see from it doesn't seem to explain the ferritin dropping so much, but I know I have been suffering heartburn frequently and have gotten some help from a drug that is supposed to help with stomach lining when you take NSAIDS a lot.  Thing is, I cut back on NSAIDS quite a bit and still had the ferritin drop.

My current internist told me ferritin is the best test for indicating how iron is doing in the body.  I know ferritin is the iron stores.  I didn't know you also had nurse's training!  I got my LVN over 20 years ago (never worked officially as a nurse though and finally let it expire after I'd been disabled awhile).  I am currently in surgical menopause (Surgimenopause) and still struggling with ferritin, but I know there are others who aren't in menopause who struggle with depleted ferritin.  When I was NOT in surgical menopause, I had severe endometriosis and abnormal menstrual cycle bleeding, but I don't have that excuse anymore.

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