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Just wanted to stick my head in and say "Hi!"  I have been super sick, so not on MedHelp in a while.  My immune system is still on a rampage, which means the fainting keeps getting worse.  I'm trying my second round of IV steroids tomorrow (?).  Funny thing is, the first time around, my heart rate went down to normal.  Anyway, I'm thinking of all of you; just don't have the energy to get on here every day and keep up.  Take care!
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Hope things turn around for you soon( in a good direction).
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Hi, I don't know much about you yet, since I'm new here.  But just wanted to acknowledge your post.  Sorry you're having such a hard time.  Life does get complicated, doesn't it.  Hopefully, your heart rate will stablize again with the new treatment.
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Hiya,  Lovely to hear from you x

Sorry you have not been having a good time with things lately , I hope you start to feel better soon x
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Well, I hate to hear you've been super sick, but I know how it goes.  Hope this round of steriods will help this time.  I know I don't get on here much either.  They finally diagnosed me with lupus, but still have trouble (and alot of my symptoms) with want goes on with dyso.  Well I'll quit jabbering.  Take care.

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Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon!

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   There you are...you know i knew I had not scene you post in a while...At least I thought you had not. but I am on a couplr diff Forums so hard to remember  :(

    I think you are on one of the other Forums I am on???
Anyhow, So Sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad and have been so ill.
I am glad that you were well enogh though to pop in to say "HI"

    Second round of Roids  :(  No fun....I guess you are doing them intravenously (sp)?
please remember that the side affects will not last forever though it may seem bleak at the begining...

    Take Care, Get Rest and Stay Hydrated!
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Hang in there. Sorry you hve been so sick. It is challenging and can be depressing. Glad you let us know how you are doing.  Hope things improve soon.

Take care,
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So sorry to hear you've been having a rough time of it.  :-(  I've been on a bit of a fainting bender myself.  Trying to find the people-sized spatula aisle in Bed, Bath, and Beyond so my caregivers can have an easier time scraping me off the floor every five minutes, but darned if the salespeople didn't look at me like I'd sprouted a second head when I asked which aisle that would be.  :-p

You headed back to CC anytime soon?  My cardiologist wants me back up there due to an autoimmune theory.  Groooooovy.  Maybe we'll cross paths up there someday and we can do lunch, or tea, or uh, just suck down some IVs side-by-side.  :-D

Hang in there, dahhhhling.  Just remember--fainting is glamorous.  There's an entire line of hoity-toity furniture devoted to this occupation.  "Fainting couches, you say.  Why yes, I'll take twenty, all in your finest jacquard."  And while I'm waiting for the furniture delivery, I must be off to hunt for those giant spatulas ... toodles, dahhhling ... we'll do IVs ... just pencil me in ...  
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Please let me know if you find one of those spatulas!  (By the way, I'm getting an IV tomorrow, care to join me?)
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We've missed you in the Dysautonomia Community!  I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well.  Good luck with the IV steroid treatment tomorrow.  I hope it will be helpful!
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Are you doing any better now?  I hope so!
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