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I'm pregnant with NMH - help please!!

Hi everyone... need some advice please!!!

I am 26 and I was diagnosed with neurally meditated hypotension early this year - after having symptoms for about 3 years.

I have discovered recently I'm pregnant, which is great news for myself and my partner but I'm a little nervous with pregnancy and my condition.

Since finding out I've stopped my meds (was on florinef and pristiq) as I would rather deal with symptoms than risk any complications, but I'm just after a little advice on if my symtoms are normal and what to expect as my dr's seem to know nothing about my condition yet alone being pregnant with it and my cardiologist hasnt had any cases of NMH with pregnancy.

I'm about 8 weeks along, and aside from the normal horrible morning sickness & tiredness I've been getting other not so nice symptoms that I'm guessing are the NMH but i have no idea whats 'normal' or not! The last few weeks especially (and getting worse) i've been feeling very lightheaded when up and about (more than normal), get weird vision probs - not sure how to describe it but just my vision just doesnt feel normal, sometimes i get a little short of breath, and just feeling really out of it & fuzzy all the time and just not right. I barely do anything these days, my dr tells me i should try exercise a little but its too hard!! going to the shops is tough enough. now i feel extra sluggish and tired as i'm always sitting on my butt! i also have a blood pressure monitor and my blood pressure isnt dropping too much, ie can range from 120/80 to 90/60.. which makes me wonder if it is the NMH or the pregnancy or even if theres something else i need to be worrying about!!

I just wanted to know if this is normal and know what others went through during pregnancy with any form of dysautonomia - I'm really in the dark here and its frustrating as people around me have no idea what you're going through.. I just get the whole, 'oh yeah i was so sick when i was pregnant' when i tell my friends, but if only they knew! none of my friends or family really understand my condition, i think many people just pass it off as nothing very important.

also would be handy to know what i should expect during the birth etc.. as i'm worried i'm going to have issues with finding someone that knows what they're doing!

Thanks for reading and thanks for any advice in advance!! :)
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