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POTS,Depersonalization & Fatigue?

I am 18 years old and have been positivity diagnosed with POTS after a positive tilt table test.I am taking 80 mg Propranolol and 0.1 Fludrocortisone along with increased water and salt intake to treat my condition,which somewhat helps.But I also suffer from depersonalization and chronic fatigue .Is this a familiar experience for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome ?
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The fatigue is very common with POTS. You might try some light exercise a little at a time on a recumbant bike each day. It can help with fatigue greatly. Also keep up with the fluids and salt, I know it's hard to drink all the time but if you keep hydrated it can be extremely helpful.
What are you meaning by depersonalization? Like non social, uncaring?
I am 29 and I also have POTS. There are a lot of really great and helpful people on this site! Welcome!!! Hope this helps some.

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Depersonalization means feeling outside of yourself,which I feel at times.I wanted to know if that is related to POTS.Anyway thank you for your answer.
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Depersonalization is very common with panic disorder.  I have dysautonomia and frequent panic attacks. Feeling beside yourself is so uncomfortable, because you lose who you are temporarily.  I liken it to a line I once read in a Dr. Seuess book.  I sometimes feel "like a rusty tin coat hanger hanging in space." Due to many bad experiences with medications..(We are very sensitive people!)  I have a medication phobia.  If anyone knows of natural remedies that actually help with anxiety, please tell me!
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Well, a supernatural one is if you are a Christian, casting your cares on the Lord and trusting Him as well as using His Word to combat it.  

Other things are enjoying nature, soothing music, deep breathing (unless you're one like a sibling of mine who actually gets worse with that)... but with the tachycardia it really may help because deep breathing can slow your heart rate, and at night, if you can't sleep, occasional over the counter use of valerian root capsules (as directed on label).  Those capsules are with vitamins at Walmart... but even they can potentially cause some side effects, though as someone sensitive to many meds, I've not had any major ones from them myself.  Distraction therapy- getting your mind onto something else that does not stress you that you enjoy.  If you are thinking of stressful things and can't sleep, sometimes writing what you are thinking of down might be an outlet.
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