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Palpitations when moving eyes.

my dizziness started last week and started out of no-where i found out tonight that, while moving my eyes left-to-right, I can actually control if I have "palpitations" or not - or even that? I found that when I move my eyes left-to-right, I hear irregular pumping (1or2) so it sounds as if the DIZZINESS/eye movement is causing the pounding. I placed my hand over my heart, and I'm not feeling any abnormal *heart* beats in conjoint to the random body pounding. What is the pounding, and why does it seem voluntary via eye-movement? I'm quite worried? Th doctors say I have vertigo but surely this shouldn't be a normal symptom? I have also been diagnosed with POTS so I am slightly concerned however I have had ECG'S and other tests. (Not sure the right place to post this)
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I HAVE THIS TOO!!! The exact same thing!!! I can’t find a single thing about it online so it freaks me out a bit. I noticed it happens when I’m off of my anxiety med, Prozac. I would love for someone to tell us what this is.
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