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Salt Tablets

Do you take salt tablets?  If so, what kind and when?  
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My son takes Thermatabs(thermotabs Sp?).  He takes 2 tablets, 3x per day.  This is per his doctors.  I sometimes get them at Walgreens, I have to ask the pharmacist for them-they are behind the counter.  And sometimes I order them from Amazon.com.

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No, but with dilute urine issue, sometimes I will sprinkle some salt in my hand and eat it.
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I don't take tablets but Cleveland Clinic told me to aim for 5000 mg/day sodium for salt-loading (I think that's approx. 2 tsp of table salt if I recall correctly, but don't quote me on that because I'm not looking at anything for reference right now, and things "off the top of my head" may be grossly inaccurate due to brain fog at times LOL).  I get it from a combination of high-sodium foods (organic canned/boxed soups, "Amy's" or "Kashi" brand organic froz. dinners, vegetable or "unchicken" bouillon cubes/broth, pickled foods, salted/seasoned nuts) and from either adding straight salt or salty seasonings to my food (soy sauce, high-sodium popcorn/food seasoning powders).

Lately I've been tossing this stuff on a LOT of my food:


It's only 77 mg sodium for 1/4 tsp, but I assure you that MY serving size is much more than 1/4 tsp!  :-p  It also comes in other flavors; many of them are good on popcorn (and you can REALLY douse a bag of popcorn in it) but I find the chili lime flavor is good on quite a few other foods as well.  My supermarket carries it in the snack aisle right near the microwave popcorn.

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I tried the salt tabs and I didn't like them.  Upset my stomach a bit if I remember right.  Anyhow, my doctor at Scottsdale Mayo, told me to eat as much pretzels as possible and salt everything.  I also drink pedialite often.  :)
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I can do the salt tablets if I make sure to drink lots of water when I take them.

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When I was first diagnosed 9 years ago, one of the first things my doc had me try was buffered salt tabs.  Don't recall how many or how often but it just was not enough to control my symptoms.  Although increased fluids and buffered salt tabs DID help a little.
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