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Stop compression stockings from slipping down!!

One of our members, chames, posted a comment in another thread that I thought might be especially helpful for many of us and I feared might be buried at the bottom of that thread and not seen by everyone.  With her permission, I'm re-posting it here on her behalf, with some additional comments from a PM:

New to the world of compression stockings/garments -- my husband has been stricken with a very sudden onset 'autonomic insufficiency' which is still in testing and diagnostic stage. No specific label/name yet. Scary times.
While he/we wait, he was put on the 'do it yourself/at home' prescription: compression stockings and hydration program.
Wears thigh high Mediven(sp?) all day, from getting up to going to bed. First few days, struggled with the tops falling more to knee level -- defeating the purpose of thigh-high and a real annoyance. (Hubbie has very toned and trim legs from 6 days per week workouts prior to this mystery illness attacking him.)
Found product called "Stays On" and it does! It's a roll-on gel, safe to use every day (says our local home health care center RN), he puts it on his legs around where the band tops will sit, and they remain in place all day. No matter how many times goes from sitting to standing to laying down. As he has regained some strength and balance thanks to compression stockings, he has resumed some light exercise at home -- treadmill walking and recumbent bike, plus stretching. With the gel product, stockings don't move even through that.
In the new, bewildering world of autonomic problems, without a real diagnosis yet, and absorbing these life changes and alterations, the "Stays On" product was a bit of a thrill -- one less hassle to contend with.  Hope this is helpful to others.
Also, I wash his stockings nightly, in the special soap (Jolastic) and sure hope stockings last longer than 1 month. His are not covered by any insurance, and yes, they sure are expensive, that will really add up if they become worn out so quickly. "

"Anyway, from the actual container, here is some manufacturer info: Again, the product itself is called 'It Stays.' It's a small container with a roll-on applicator. The  website for 'It Stays!' is www.bell-horn.com. The phone # listed is
3 1 7 - 2 2 8 - 1 1 4 4 , the fax is  3 1 7 - 2 2 8 - 1 1 5 5 ."
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Thank you!
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