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What does this mean?

your current medical regimen is satisfactory. medication changes are to depend upon test results

I still need echo and heart monitor.

I had a heart monitor before it was fine I had 13 pre something and some tachycardia..

On my paper work the cardiologist put on my problems list
Orthostatic hypertension
And mitral valve prolapse..

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It means youre posting in the right place. When you go from sitting standing or lying down positions your body overcompensates for shifts in blood pressure.

Its by no means serious, you just need to take your meds as directed, stay hydrated, eat right, and stand up slower
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Mitral valve prolapse is a different unrelated issue entirely.. That can be serious depending on just how prolapsed it is.. Sometimes its minor requiring no treatment, other times its serious requiring a valve replacement.

Good news is.. If its serious then its super obvious on echo... This isnt something a doctor would "miss". You can take his assessment of it to the bank.
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