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acid smell???

I have been having this weard acid smell feeling in my nose, it co
mes and goes, I have had it  for about a month now. It feels as if when you smell ammonia , and your nose kind of feels like is burning inside....
Could this be part of this disautonomia? or maybe gerd? sinus?
Does any body else get thiis symptom?
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I would first ask if you are taking any new medications? This happened to me not long ago with a prescription for metformin, a diabetes medicine I was prescribed in a fairly high dose. I actually had to cut down on it before that smell was gone...but mine was not ammonia.  i can't really put my finger on what it smelled like but I didn't like it.

If you are not on any new meds you might need to pay a visit to an ear, nose and throat Dr. to get to the bottom of it.  Good luck!
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My son gets this at times. I can smell it on his breath when it happens. It's like nail polish remover- acetic acid. I think in my son's case it's due to faulty carbohydrate digestion, due to his hormone imbalances.
His doctors have never tried to answer my questions about this, but I found an article that describes ketotic hypoglycemia and metabolic acidosis in children with secondary adrenal insufficiency, growth hormone and ACTH deficiency, and pituitary hypothyroidism. That's my boy!

The problem stopped for several months, but has returned since he started growth hormone injections, which affect blood glucose and metabolism.

Excess ammonia can be caused by blocked metabolic pathways, deficiencies of B vitamins and amino acids, and infections. Sorry, I don't have more info I can remember at the moment. I read quite a bit about this three years ago.
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same as you I already having this to my nose. It feels like something burning inside it
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I too having this issues as well, for about 7 month. Sometimes it doesn't happen for a weeks, sometimes every single day.
My observations:
-At first the smell was simular to ammonia. After some time it changed and it's now smells with sweetness. Sometimes it's smelled like, i don't know how to describe it, like when you are in the sauna. (Sweetness is by far the most often smell)
- I believe i'm smelling this through my right nostril.
-In the mornings i can actually sometimes force this sensation, when still in bed when i cover my head with blanket, lying like this for several minutes, when i get out and breath, there goes that sweetness smell.

Currently my otorhinolaryngologist is giving me sprays with sea water for my nose. So far not much of an improvement.

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