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I have HIV, help me please,

Hello, I'm desperate, I had sex with two prostitutes with condom, condom all the time, but the day after the relationship, gave me a headache very intense and the second day gave me severe sore throat, headache, runny nose, fever but not extreme, I went to the doctor, antibiotics and sent me did not work, and took 15 days with these symptoms, now I have, tiredness, I have sweat hard in the day and at night, sore throat persists , headache, and I'm losing my appetite, I went to an infectious disease specialist and he thinks he can be a monocluosis, HIV tests sent me, IGM and others, every day I feel bad, you may have HIV, can occur so quickly the symptons with sex with a woman tasted of contagion is high? and I reiterate doctor, the relationship was protected at all times. help me, please give me a criterion may be another disease based on their experience, thanks Kaluffa. please send reply to mail ***@****
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Este es el foro de ETS en español y como tal voy a comenzar respondiendo a su pregunta en este idioma.  Muchas gracias por su contribución a nuestro foro.
El hecho de que ha utilizado un preservativo durante la relación sexual significa que es completamente segura y que no corrido ningún riesgo de infección por VIH.  Así mismo los síntomas comenzaron demasiado pronto para tener cualquier relación con el síndrome agudo de sero-conversión por VIH.  Por lo tanto, le puedo confirmar sin tener ninguna confirmación analítica que los síntomas no tienen nada que ver con VIH.
Now in English:  thank you very much for your contribution to our STD forum.
First of all, I would like to reassure you as you used condoms throughout and that is safe.  Therefore you did not put yourself at all at risk of HIV infection, making all the symptoms experienced irrelevant.  Also these symptoms started far too early for them to be anything to do with HIV sero-conversion.
I can assure you that even without having any test results that your symptoms have absolutely nothing to do with HIV.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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