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am i at risk?

hi doctor,
I am a male, i recently had protected sex but i am going crazy over this, i cant function right because of my worries, my worries are because after i put on a condom for the first time, i started having sex, after a while i lost my erection, so i took it off and put a new one, my worries are that the vaginal fluids from the first condom got on my hands, then as i put on the second condom, im worried some of those fluids could have been trapped inside the, its a little difficult for me to put on a condom because i have a thick penis, so when i put on a condom its a little tedious, sometimes i slip, so im just worried that after i took off the first condom, i made the contact in my penis head, and most importantly, the vaginal fluids got trapped inside second condom until i ejaculated, thats where i get really nervous, thinking of the vaginal fluids mixing up with my sperm inside the condom...please help, im going crazy, thinking of my contact from first condom to hand to penis, then covering it with second condom, leaving the fluids in an airtight environment
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Esto es un foro en español.  Respondemos a preguntas en inglés en el foro internacional de ETS.  This is a forum in Spanish and we reply to questions in English in the international STD forum.
Una situación como la descrita no involucraría ningún riesgo real de infección por VIH.  Lo más probable sería que se hubiera infectado con otro infección de transmisión sexual mucho más común como la Clamidia o la Gonorrea, si fluido vaginal ha estado en contacto con su glande y uretra.  Si tiene dudas acerca del preservativo, lo major es que se realice una bacteria completa de pruebas de ETS, simplemente para estar completamente seguro y para su tranquilidad.
A situation like the one you describe would have not put you at any significant risk of HIV infection.  If anything, the most likely situation is that you might have contracted one of the common STDs like Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea, if your glans or urethra came into contact with some vaginal fluid.  If you have doubts about the condom, I would advise you to get a full STD screening, mainly for your peace of mind.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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I also had protected sex, this time my worry is that after i checked the condom a couple of hours later, when i put water, there was a pin sized hole close to the tip, am i to worry for this as well
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my worries of the sperm mixing with vaginal fluids are based on the thought that they could go down my urethra, especially because the girl was on top when i ejaculated
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Usted leeyo mi pregunta principal? Y tambien los dos comentarios despues? Usted leeyo todo?
Gracias doctor, se lo agradezco
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