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lump in throat

hello for about 3 months i have a pea size lump in my throat when i swallow. It's at the top of my throat and sometimes it go away but then it comes right back.  I went to my family doctor and he said it was swollen lymp nodes and prescribed me some antibiotics.  I took all the antibiotics and it's still there.  Please give me some information of what this might be. thanks
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When you say "throat" do you mean inside and at the back of your mouth or do you mean outside, just below your skin?  Is it in the middle or off to one side?  Does it move?  Etc., etc.  This can be a challenging diagnosis in person and just about impossible over a forum such as this.  Anything that lasts that long should be evaluated by a head/neck surgeon (an ENT doctor).
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hello, it's inside my throat at the top of my neck i can feel the pea size lump when i swallow.  it goes away sometime but then it comes right back.  Do swollen lymh nodes cause this problem as that what my family doctor said that i have..Do it take a while for the swellen of lymh nodes to go down?  Thanks
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i recently went to the doctor probably about 2 weeks ago and i finally finished my antibiotics 4 days ago.  i'm trying to find out do it take time for swollen lymph nodes to go down.
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So you can see this when you look inside your mouth in mirror?

In kids, swolllen lymph nodes are not uncommon.  In adults, it's a different story.  Anything that has been there for that long needs to be looked into.
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