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swollen submandibular gland stones

I am from Bangalore, India. I am 26 years old.
I am having a stone in submandibular gland since last 6 months. My throat swells and causes discomfort  whenever I eat any sour or chilly food.
The doctor, I consulted first gave me some anti-biotics (augmentin). When the swelling reduced she told me to operate out the stone. She was prepared to remove the stone on my second visit day. First she pierced a niddle to let all pus out. Then I felt comfortable so I told her not to go for any other operation, though she was insisting to take local-anesthesia and incise the stone out.
I consulted another doctor for getting more sure and he told me that they have to remove the whole submandibular gland it self. But later he gave me (kineto-dp) for 6 days and told me that he will not remove the whole gland and will check for some other way i.e. may be removing the stone.

My problem is that I want to know how critical the operation is? The stone is on the wall of the skin which connects tongue to the floor of mouth. Any kind of injury to that skin means I mayn't be able to speak. Though the stone is small enough, but once after cutting if they find that the stone is positioned critically, will they remove my whole gland. Also how much time will it take to recover from the injury. Are there any post-operation complications?
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

If there is a stone it needs to be removed. The duct of the salivary gland can get blocked and this could cause the symptoms with eating. It could further get inflamed causing pain. Further it can lead to abscess formation. If the whole gland is infected or fibrosed it needs to be removed. Post operative recovery will depend on other co morbid conditions like diabetes. Please discuss all the options with your doctor and clear your doubts before consenting for surgery.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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