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21 days of laryngitis

my 13 yr old daughter has had laryngitis for 21 days now. She has seen several doctors and all blood work came back normal. she started out with a virus, diahrrea, nausa, severe sore throat and no fever. we are now supposed to see a larynologist who will scope again and do a possible mri. does anyone have any suggestions?
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I read your post about you daughter and wondered what happened with her last year, if it was resolved and what medications or remedies you found helpful. Because it sounds very similar to what my five year old son is going through at the moment. He has Laryingitis now for 6 days the poor little thing and can hardly talk he just lays on the couch, and only perks up for a bit when he has his childrens panadol when I can get him to take it. We went to the local pool on the weekend and that night I noticed he was fairly quiet (usually very active) so I felt his temple and he was burning up. In the middle of the night he woke up crying with nausea and in the morning he vomited.  The nausea and vomiting continued with diarhoea for the next four days. I thought he had gastro as he has caught it before from that big pool in Brisbane when we were on holidays last year.Monday, I went to chemist straightaway and she said give him gastrolyte for fluid loss and a probiotic powder for kids. That "medicine is good for those symtoms but now he is complaining that his throat is really sore and he has lost his voice. So I'm wondering has my son caught something else because his immune system is so low, and he hasnt felt like eating much? My husband has sore throat  too (but not the gastro). At any rate my son is really sick. Its horrible when they are like that, you really feel for them dont you! Doctor given him Flagyl antibiotics.Thanks lizishome
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