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3 Year Old Impacted Eardrum

My daughter had both ears impacted, I was given some carbamide peroxide drops to use on her for 4 days in hopes to loosen up the wax and remove the blockage, 1 side responded on day one by having a large chunk of wax roughly the size of a tic tac maybe slightly larger fall out. If I look inside her ear this is what I see (http://i.imgur.com/gnj3wpA.jpg) , I am unsure if this is more wax buildup or a perforated ear drum, but I will not be using any more drops in that ear until I can be certain its not a perforated ear drum, she has no pain to touch, she is not complaining about pain, I don't see any redness or sign of inflammation or infection. She displayed zero symptoms and I am unsure if that is typical for a perforated ear drum. She can hear through that ear just fine as well.

The other ear still has the wax blockage but it seems to be slowly chipping away at it. Today is day 2 of using the drops, after the 4 days if she still has wax in them I am to return to the doctor.

Anyone have any insight as to whether this is more wax or in fact her ear drum? Thanks
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FYI - Back from Doctor, not a perforated ear drum just lots of wax still.
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