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3 month SEVERE sore throat

I am a 24 year old woman and I have had a chronic sore throat for 3 months with NO explanation following a cold I had. I had kissed someone (french) who's health history is completely unknown to me. He works in the emergency room, which makes me wonder if I've been exposed to something more rare and bad. I got a cold 2 days later with a violent sore throat. It lasted 5 days but just as I felt normal again and over my cold (running nose/etc) .. it came back and has been progressively WORSE AND WORSE to the point I CAN'T speak without tremendous pain... not so much as a WHISPER. The throat looked very red at first as did the roof of my mouth, there was a texture change to my lips like sandpaper and my mouth was VERY dry when the sore throat set back in. From there, I've been tested for strep, mono, herpes, HIV, oral thrush and all tests were normal. A throat culture was done and came back normal yet I'm still in TREMENDOUS pain as it sharply hurts to clear my throat or speak. I've been to emergency room and ENT. Emergency room tried treating like it's GERD, didn't help, ENT tried looking with nasal cam and said no inflammation around vocal chords or cause for concern.. No one has suggestions for me. They've tried antibiotics, oral thrush medicine, GERD medicines, NO EFFECT. I'm scared I'll never speak again. I don't know what has happened. I am in so much pain and no pain medicine from Ibuprofen to Oxicodone makes a DENT in the sore throat agony.

Also: Standard blood work CBC and CMP came back normal.
PLEASE help. It started September 19 and it is now DECEMBER 3rd.

*I had Fifth Disease last year + Anemia and some health complications in the form of nerve pain and joint pain ensued, but no one has been able to explain THIS.
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HERE IS A PIC: http://oi63.tinypic.com/o5278z.jpg

*NOTE: the veins in the back have become swollen and the nice creamy coating looks EATEN away.
I should add... tonsils are not swollen.. just bloodshot.. uvula is irritated, red ring around throat and orange bumps farther down the back of the throat.
Anyone? :( All suggestions welcome
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Try drinking 2-4 oz of pure squeezed lemon juice three times a day. Fresh squeezed lemon juice is alkaline based.

First check and eliminate tonsil problems and any other obvious problems.

Between lemon juice, gargle with warm salt water, don't swallow, spit it out.

Good luck
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BTW, stop french kissing strangers!!!
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Hi jorgemm,

I've tried that regimen for 3 months and it seemed quite painful and counterproductive for the scratching/burning sensation. Yes, the kiss was stupid... is there any long-lasting infection/bacteria that comes to mind (besides mono, herpes, strep, which I've tested negative for) that comes to your mind that may have caused something like this? I'm very scared that he is where it started but I can't explain how.

The fact that this doesn't seem to my doctor like an infectious process and it responds so negatively to antiseptics and alkeline makes them think a flu virus triggered Laropharyngeal Reflux but this has been in no way confirmed. Treating with PPI's and Sucrafate has made no difference.

Do you have any other ideas?
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