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Abcess Burst Pus Coming Out From Nose

my husband had toothache went to the dentist and they said he had an abcess and gave him antibiotics (weeks course) ,
before he even took his first tablet he said he was probing the abcess (which he knows he should not have done)

when he blew his nose there was pus and he says it is the most foul smell he has ever smelt he says that the taste makes him want to be sick , he took all his antibiotics (finished the course) it was ok for 2 days but its back ,

he had a dental appointment thursday and they took an x-ray she didnt even say anything to my husband she just told him to make an appointment for 3 weeks time !! ,

hes getting the pus more frequently everytime he blows his nose or if he leans over (bends down)
is there anything he can buy to relieve this until he see,s his doctor ?
any help id gladly appreciate as he seems to think his brain is rotting !!!! ...men
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This problem may require the involvement of an ENT specialist.  It sounds like the dentist may not be entirely appreciating the depth of this problem.  He may need some more antibiotics and/or a incision/drainage of any additional abscess cavities.
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Can you please mention
where exactly the pus has got collected, is it the upper jaw or the lower jaw?
what are the medicines prescribed by the dentist?

I would suggest to start on povidone iodine mouth gargles so the bad taste of the pus will reduce and also it reduces the bacterial load in the throat.

Any more doubts you are welcome.

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the abcess was at the top right at the back the 3rd tooth from the very back , so it the upper jaw ,

He says his tooth is shaking and i had a look and it does look like it is , he was also worried about that he had mecury fillings when he was young hes now 38yrs old , he says he read there bad for you,

If he shakes the tooth to try to loosen it in the hope it comes out , the pus stuff goes down his throat and its a burning sort of taste (he says) when he blows his nose its a lime green and stings (sorry this sounds gross),

He had penicillin antibiotics hes just finished his 2nd course (and he never takes antibiotics so its not as if hes prone to them and that may be why they are not working)
(dentists appointment is on the 13th) ,

hes still getting the pus stuff and i have to admit he is VERY down because of this , hes paranoid thinking that others can smell it so he has stopped going out , i dont know what to do to help him :(
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It is better, you consult a facio-maxillary surgeon, he might be of help to you. He might as well ask for an X-ray of the paranasal sinuses. This appears like an abscess higher up into the maxillary sinuses. Whatever we say, it will just be speculations please do consult your doctor.

All the best

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