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Abnormal loss of senses

I'm a male 18 year old, and have had hearing loss all my life. I had a hearing test done and they concluded i had a gap in the midrange in my right ear reducing those frequencies by 20 decibels, and suggested a hearing aid. I believe though that it has gotten worse over the past few years, for no obvious reason. The real thing that seems weird is in the same time frame my sense of smell has significantly decreased. I rarely smell anything anymore, on average 1 scent every other day or so, but only certain strong smells. I've researched some and they contributed it to parkinsons but I'm not that old yet. I have a cigar here and there but smoking can't be the cause. And no trauma of any kind can be linked to this as far as I know, it came on at random over the past few years. Anyone have any insight on whether I should be concerned before I go spend money I don't have on real doctors to find out? Thanks
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