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Achy jaws, post nasal drip and feeling of lump in throat

First let me start that I have bad anxiety. Second I recently had thyroid biopsy and was told I have a "suspicious' 5mm nodule.  But prior to that - for past few weeks I've had nonstop post nasal drip.  Now my jaws top and bottom get achy at times and It sometimes travels down my neck. My throat feels irritated and when I eat it feels like a lump or tight.  The thyroid is not causing this. I started Flonase a few days ago and Allegra. My question is should I be worried that it's throat cancer or something serious.  I would think having 2 thyroid ultrasounds something would be seen. Also no swollen glands or lymph nodes.  I'm scared to death. Any help or support would mean the world.  Thanks! :)
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I don't follow your putting a question here. Your condition is under medial treatment as I read your post. I expect, and you should demand, that your doctor(s) explain what the thyroid   There are biopsy tests that can be ran on nodules to see if there is cancer or not.
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