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Adenoids causing sensitive gag reflex?

I've always had a hyperactive gag reflex ever since I was little. I have really bad allergies and constant post nasal drip. I am in karate and I used to do track. The problem is whenever I running or doing something physical, I cannot do it to my full ability because my gag reflex triggers and I have to stop and suppress it. What triggers it off is the post nasal drip. I figured that when I am exercising I am breathing in more quickly and harder which causes the mucous to drip down faster. Once it gets triggered off I usually have to swallow hard to push all that mucous down. This is really a big problem because in track I could barely run two laps without that kicking in and causing me to stop. Because of that, I could only do the 100 yard dash because I couldn't do anything else that involves me running in a longer amount of time. Same thing happens in karate when we are doing cardio.

I've taken swimming lessons a few months before to learn how to swim and it gave me a problem there because when I breath out underwater it get triggered to. I've never been able to swim completely across the pool without having to continuously stop because of this. It also made it difficult learning how to properly do the different strokes because I'd have to keep stopping and grab the wall so I don't gag underwater and drown.

If you try to stick your finger or something down your throat you will feel your gag reflex kick in to avoid that. That's exactly how it feels because of the constant mucous dripping down. This doesn't happen only when I am exercising. I can still feel it when I am just sitting but its not as exaggerated as it would be if I am doing something physical.

For at least a year, I've been to a few doctors. One said I have a hyperactive gag reflex and I just had to live with it, another doctor barely examined me and just said it was possible that the post nasal drip was triggering it off (all of this I already know). I went to another doctor in philly a few weeks ago.

She scoped the inside of my nose and back of my throat. She saw that I had a lot of adenoid tissue. She then suggested that the gag reflex was being triggered by my acid reflux instead of the post nasal drip so she gave me another prescription for Omeprozol and flonase for my nose.

I do have acid reflux which was determined early this year and I understand how it could affect the gag reflex but I do not agree that that is whats causing it to be so sensitive. I've had this problem longer than I've had acid reflux and if it really were reflux I would feel the acid coming up and irritating my throat.

Obviously the post nasal drip is whats causing this but there shouldn't be any reason that my gag reflex is THAT sensitive to where it affects me when I exercise.

I begin researching adenoids and I have found one post on another message board where a doctor stated that "In children, enlarged adenoids and tonsils are leading causes for hypersensitive gag reflex." When I was younger a doctor wanted to take out my adenoids because they were big but my dad didn't do it because he read of some of the complications of having it done at such a young age.

Does anyone know anything about adenoids affecting the gag reflex like it does mine? I've researched the web and didn't find much about it accept one or two places where adenoids was mentioned along with the gag reflex. If anyone knows anything please respond.
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