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Adenovirus or sinus infection?

I went to the doctor on Thursday with a headache, sinus pain and drainage and bumps on the back of my throat. No fever.  He put me on a Z-pack and Flonase.  I went back today because I looked at my throat and saw white stuff down the side where my tonsils hide.  That doctor said it's an Adenovirus and to continue the meds and gargle with salt water.  He said the white stuff is not pus but is sinus drainage.  I looked Adenovirus up and got scared!

My tonsils are not swollen but I do have a headache (frontal) and he said my nasal passages are inflammed.  Ears are fine, no swollen lymph nodes in neck and no fever.

My intestines are rumbling but I believe that's from day 3 of the Z pack and not something else going on.  I'm not sure if I can take Gas-X with Z pack.

My question is,  how dangerous is an Adenovirus for a 63 year old woman with no health concerns? How long time I'm better?  
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How did he know it was adenovirus? as virus are difficult to detect. White patches are common in many throat  infections. The sore throat which you had may have contributed to it. In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tonsils called crypts. Repeated salt water gargles will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle. If the patches increase in size or become painful then consult your doctor. Regards.
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