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Advice for nasal polyp surgery?

I have been diagnosed with nasal polyps and will be having surgery to correct the problem. I was just hoping to get some kind of advice on the matter. For example, do they put you under during the surgery? I understand it is done on an outpatient basis but can you return to work the next day? Is it terribly painful afterwards? How long does surgery take? And really anything else you can think of to mention. Please do not copy and paste from some website. I know what nasal polyps are, and I'm just interested in others' personal experiences with the surgery. Thanks so much!
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You will almost certainly be under general anesthesia.

Return to work the next day is probably a bit aggressive.  Don't plan on it.

Pain should be controlled with the pain medications you will be prescribed.

Surgery time varies based upon the disease -- 1 to 2 hours is typical.
657020 tn?1238041118
Thank you very much, I appreciate your response. Can you tell me what amount of healing time is typical before returning to work? I'm sure my ent will give me all this information the next time I see him but I am anxious to prepare for the surgery.
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