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Advice on tonsillar tissue growing on tongue....

My name is Laurie, and I really need to understand what is going on within my throat, since July of 2009.

Last December I had seen an Oral Surgeon, to examine a sore that I had on the side/back of my tongue.
He told me it was "Tonsillar Tissue" on the tongue, and that I have Xerostomia.  He told me to drink water constantly throughout the day, and to get some OTC meds that can help, 'oral balance'

Recently I have noticed that there is 'tonsillar tissue' on both sides of my tongue, at the back, it looks like
my tonsil is growing and attaching to the sides of my tongue.  When I stick out my tongue, it feels like I
am stretching and pulling this tissue, and it feels like its going to split apart. At each corner of my tongue
you can see red tissue that looks like small round bubbles, growing on top of each other,
It feels like the sides of my tongue are being pinched, and the feeling of a popcorn shell is caught there.
The pain is like a dull ache, not like strep throat or tonsillitis (I have been tested for both numerous times)
My tongue is constantly sore, and feels swollen, like a pulled muscle. Similar to what the tongue feels like during anaphalactic shock.  
I am trying to explain this, but its hard !!!

Since all these tonsil/throat problems started, 8 months ago, I have also developed severe allergies to ALL NUTS literally overnight.  I now carry a Twin-Ject.  I dont know if this is related somehow, but it does seem
kind of suspicious.

Early last summer I had also noticed that my throat had started to really change appearance.
My once very visible  tonsils were now behind the Palatoglossal fold(?) .  
If I really make myself gag, I can then, and only then, see the palatine tonsils.
I also noticed that the palatoglossal folds are a deep bright red, and seem to go downward the throat.
But no pain associated with it. The tonsils are now milky white in color, but no infection.
My medical history includes;  deviated septum, enlarged turbinate, and post nasal drip...
hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, xerostomia....

I have seen an oral surgeon, a dentist, and an ENT.  All of them say that its minor, and does not
require surgery.  I am left with not knowing what to do, or where to turn.  I do not want to live each
day where my tongue hurts so much.

My questions are....
How does this happen to begin with?

Is this common for tonsillar tissue to become attached to the tongue?

Is this going to be an ongoing problem?

With so many problems occuring in the tonsil area, is it best to get the tonsils removed?

Could you please give me some insight into all of this.  I am so frustrated, and stressed

Thank you VERY much for reading my lengthy post....
Hope to hear from you shortly
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I have the same inflamed tonsil tissue on one side of the back of my tongue.  The oral surgeon told me it is most likely a bacterial or fungal infection of the tonsil tissue.  My tonsils were removed 20 years ago but not the tonsil tissue on/in the tongue.  I'm on an antibiotic (levoquin) for 10 days.  I'm in day 4 and have felt some relief but not as much as I expected.  He said our next step, if the antibiotics don't work, is a 3 day regiment of antifungal meds.  If that doesn't work it could be a nerve issue for which a steroid cream would be prescribed.  It took 7 months of seeing several different professionals to find someone who had a clue of why my tongue is sore.  This oral surgeon that I am seeing told me that he removes the tongue tonsil tissue along with the adnoids when he does a tonsillectomy.  One doesn't appreciate the importance of a happy tongue until something like this happens.  I hope you have found relief since you posted this last year.  
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